Where to start?

Starting a blog is an awesome feeling and task. Where do I start? I wonder who will read it and whether it will interest them?
So here goes…
My Christmas houses started back in 2012 when I fell in love with some paper designed by Graphic 45 called Nutcracker Sweet. They covered a bird’s  nesting box and that got me thinking. I just didn’t realise where it would lead me! Or what I was starting!
My husband is a DIY hero so off I went to his workshop, armed with ideas, to discuss the possibilities of making a house. Not a bird’s  nesting box but a cottage that Clara, our heroine, might live in.  I have added a couple of photos to show you what started my annual projects. A poem, Nutcracker Dreams, inspired by the original story by E.T.A Hoffman, seemed to follow quite naturally.
And it has grown from there. Each year I think of a new house to make for Christmas. It is no easy task to come up with a different type of house and I certainly couldn’t do it without help from Mr Fix-It.
Each of the houses is made from thin wood (MDF). I have purchased a  a couple of kits because I really liked them but we seem to have settled on making our own  designs in the last couple of years.  I have used various papers to cover them but they have all had a Christmassy feeling or decoration.  One year, using a kit I bought, I just had to make an Australian version, Jacaranda Cottage, because we have our Christmas in the summer.

It is very exciting because this year’s project is in the very early stages of design with a prototype being made at the moment.  I love watching my ideas turning  into real life creations!

I’ll show you some more houses next time I write.  I hope you’ll join me again.