Welcome back…

…and thank you for joining me again.  Yesterday was such a buzz.  Finally starting my blog, opening a new Facebook page and going to the Ballet in the evening.  What more could a girl ask for?

I promised to show you the rest of my Christmas Houses today.

The next one I made is called ‘Blue Christmas’ (thanks to Elvis for the name!) and was a kit I purchased from the UK.  I decorated it in a lovely softly coloured selection of  papers  from a Swedish company called Pion.
My husband, David (aka Mr Fix-It) made the pieces inside with the exception of the rocking horse and Santa which were Christmas tree decorations that I happened to have.  I am so lucky to have someone who can make all these great things for me.  I come up with the designs and off he goes.  Amazing!  Then I have the job of completing each item.


It was back to Australia for the next one.  This was a kit I purchased locally.  Each November we are blessed with absolutely beautiful blossoms on trees called Jacarandas.  I love this time of the year.  We’ve said goodbye to winter (which I hate) and summer is really in sight.   So what could I do but make this one ‘Jacaranda Cottage’?  The papers were from Graphic 45, who made Nutcracker Sweet.



The next two were our designs.  No more kits for us – we were on a roll!  I tentatively asked the question “can you make a curved roof?’  Yes, was the reply so that was it!  ‘A Christmas Carol’ was my idea of a Dickensian Victorian house. More paper from Graphic 45 – should I buy shares in the company,  I wondered? This one doesn’t open and is not decorated inside.  Doing the outside was enough of a challenge!  I found the delightful little carollers in a Christmas shop I love to visit.  Aren’t they just the perfect match?  Even to the colours of the clothes!  And just look at that roof!



Last year I went back to my childhood, so to speak.  I was born in Kent, England – home of the Oast House!  Another enormous challenge and the most complex design so far…  As always the challenge was taken up by Mr Fix-It – maybe I should  now change his name to Mr Make-It?  Can’t have Mr Maker – that name is already taken.  Okay,  Mr Make-It it is!  The Oast House was born.  More Graphic 45 paper.  (I am changing style this year and going back to Pion!!!)  You would not believe what is underneath the paper!  The oast, or kiln,  section  (the round bit) is actually a mailing tube from Australia post, patiently layered to get the correct thickness.  How I wish I’d taken photos as it progressed!  We were just so thrilled when it was finished.  We were having our kitchen repainted at the time and the painter wanted to buy it!  I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) put a price on it.  But he was keen to start at around $300!



So, that brings us up to date.  And off we go again.  2017’s house will be a summer place but   it will still have touches of Christmas because that’s what it is all about.  So, please folks, do stay with me and watch this space…