Another busy week flies by…

Who said retirement might be boring?  Some days I just don’t seem to have five minutes free.  Really, it isn’t quite like that at all but I must admit it is rare for me to be bored –   especially when my week included three volunteering events at the ballet!


I love to go to the theatre; my favourite genre is the ballet.  How I wanted, like so many other little girls, to be a ballerina when I grew up.  And how bitterly disappointed I was when my Mum came and told me  my ballet teacher said I was going to be too big and too tall for the stage.  I was devastated.  I wanted to go on the stage – and I must dance.  The suggestion to take up ballroom dancing was met with total disbelief – didn’t my Mum understand anything?  (A common remark by children which still echoes through the ages!) These days, of course, they wouldn’t say anything like that to a young child.  It isn’t politically correct at all.


Nevertheless, in spite of not physically dancing,  I still love the ballet and never tire of going to see it.   And I get to go when volunteering which is fantastic.

The WA Ballet company is currently performing ‘The Great Gatsby’.  I couldn’t envisage the story as a ballet at all.  But I have to say it is brilliant.  You really need to know the story line otherwise it might be a little confusing.  But the dancing, 1920’s music and costumes are stunning and I loved it.


I’m really looking forward to taking my youngest grandson to his first ballet.  The ballet company is performing ‘Peter Pan’ around Christmas time – and my daughter and I thought it might be just what he would enjoy.  I remember taking my eldest son to the ballet for the first time.  I took him for company as I didn’t want to go on my own.  He sat enthralled – never moving. And no, he didn’t fall asleep!  But, he tells me,  he wouldn’t go now!


Time didn’t solve my disappointment – I did so want to dance on the stage.


However, as I often tell the younger generation,  one should never give up on one’s dreams.  Sometimes they just take a while to materialize.


Many moons passed in my life when, suddenly, I was going on the stage!  I was going to perform in ’My Fair Lady’ at the Regal Theatre, in Perth, and it was just the beginning.  I joined the Gilbert & Sullivan Society here in WA and got to perform in so many of their shows.  I played Queen Victoria twice.  Imagine how it felt when I entered the stage via the auditorium and everyone stood up for Her Majesty!  What a hoot!  I took to it like a duck to water.   And, on the production side, soon began to design and produce posters, programmes and even a story book!  I have a wonderful box of all of my programmes, etc.  Memories, indeed.


And I danced.

So, it wasn’t the ballet, but the music was playing and I was dancing.


My dream had come true!

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