Why All Sorts?

Did you wonder why I called my blog ‘A Mixture of All Sorts?’  Why, and how, do we choose names?  It is such an important thing to do, whether you are naming a child, the family pet or, even, a blog.


Choosing a name often has many complex reasons underlying one’s likes and dislikes. In the case of naming one’s children you might ask how your choice would sound with your surname.  Would it make a silly nickname?  Should we remember the departed or choose a name which had been in the family for years?  My middle name is Alison – and we have four of us in my family with that name and only one was given it because I had it!


I have to say, sometimes, I feel quite sorry for the children who get strange names.  Celebrities often delight in giving their children weird, at least to me, names.  And how often do you see different phonetically spelt popular names?  I remember when there was a fad of calling one’s children after cowboys on TV.  Cheyenne (Clint Walker at his yummiest!) was a very popular choice!


Each of my children has been given their name for a specific reason – not just a name chosen on a whim.  One of my daughters has a name chosen because of a song my Dad used to sing.  She doesn’t like the song very much but, every now and then, I just have to sing it to her.  It evokes such warm, loving memories of my Dad who left us so very long ago! I’m singing it in my head as I write!  And it was the heroine of a book I loved to read!

One of my sons has a name I have always liked.  A hero of the ancient times and name which evokes the idea of strength – I was very happy to bestow this on him.  And I love the feminine version, too.  A lovely member of the Royal family bears this name.


I won’t go on –I’m sure you get my point.  Names are so important and most of us spend ages choosing just the right one for us.  Even our pets get this special treatment.  Our cat is called Misty, because she is grey and a breed called Australian Mist.


So, why this name for my blog?


I really like liquorice allsorts!  My favourite lolly (sweet) is a Mars Bar!  And my family all know they win brownie points if they bring me one.  But I loved liquorice allsorts as a child long before the advent of Mars bars.    What an amazing variety of colours and textures can be found in a box!  Picking out one’s favourite was a bit hard because they were all nice.  Even the solid little pieces of liquorice were good to eat.  You could peel off the layers on the little square ones and savour them one slice after the other.   And the aniseed jellies were so smooth underneath all those little bumps!


In the film Forrest Gump (played by Tom Hanks),  says “My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”


Well, I think life is a bit like a box of liquorice allsorts!  Colourful, sometimes dark and bitter, lots of layers, shapes and tastes to pick and enjoy, or to throw away if you don’t like them!  Tastes which are nice on their own or lovely to share with friends.  They might even  eat the ones you don’t like!


So, I mulled over so many different names for my blog.  I came up with several different titles and took ages to finally decide on the name it now has.  It was a rather frustrating exercise for my son who was helping me to set it all up.  I’d choose a name and then change my mind! (Isn’t that a lady’s privilege though?)


I wanted a place where I could write about all kinds of things in my life: a place where I could share the mixture of things that I loved and didn’t love.


Finally, I had decided!


I hope you will find something you will enjoy as I open the box that is my Mixture of All Sorts!