Christmas is coming…

It is so pretty around town at the moment – the Jacaranda trees are in blossom and we have a glorious purple haze against the lovely blue skies we are enjoying in this late part of Spring!


But, to me, the Jacaranda trees also herald in the reminder that there are only a few weeks left to Christmas and I should get a move on!!! It is time to work out whether I have made enough cards and to get on with posting those that are going to friends and family in the UK.  Sadly, the number to be sent  has dwindled a little due to the ravages of time and distance but it is always a joy to send a card that I have made.


I remember the very first card I made with my newly purchased Silhouette Portrait.  This is a great little machine which, through using a programme installed in my computer, cuts quite intricate shapes out of card and paper which are then assembled by me to form the design.  Once upon a time I would have had to  cut these pieces out by hand –  it is wonderful having a machine to do it for me.  My poor little Portrait is, however, suffering from overuse, and I am excitedly waiting for the delivery of a new bigger machine – a Cameo!


I have grown in confidence and my imagination has improved over the past couple of years and I now embark on more complex cards. If you haven’t already seen some of my finished cards you can find some on Instagram.    I really enjoy thinking up a specific design for each person and sometimes I like to write a poem for the inserts.  I guess one of the reasons I decided to start a blog was to include information on how to make my cards if people were interested.  I do have a couple of Facebook groups I contribute to, as well.  It is great seeing the cards other crafters make as well – nothing like getting some extra inspiration!


Writing the poems for the inserts has never been a chore.  As I have said, I love to write!  And most of the time it all just flows.  But, every now and then, I get stuck for that perfect word or phrase!  Some of my poems have been set against a background of a project or two. I try to make them as relevant as I can to the recipient of the card!


And Christmas is a pretty inspirational time of the year too.  Old memories are re-kindled;  the  years of our childhood remembered with mixed feelings.  Most of us start to reminisce about gifts we had, decorations we made (remember cutting stars out of milk bottle tops so faithfully collected?), the great big turkey that was always cooked for dinner – and how long it took to cook?  (The gas pressure always went down low on Christmas day!)  I can’t drink Lime juice without remembering Christmas dinners – that was a special treat for my brother and me.  Oh, and the joys of finding a silver coin tucked into the steaming, fruity Christmas Pudding, served with lashing of piping hot custard and cream!  Was it really so long ago?

Will our children and grand-children carve out memories just as we did, I wonder?  Somehow I can’t imagine they will. But, they will, of course,  Their memories might be different but they will have them.  Only somehow, I just can’t equate a lovely greeting card with a quickly dashed off text on a mobile phone.  Which I guess is why I still make cards.  At least this way my grand-children may say, in the future – remember  those great cards Nanna used to make?  I always enjoyed getting them.  They were lovely!


So I will go off now, check that I have made enough and start sending them out.


And on the back of each card there is a little sticker which says Lovingly Handmade by Nanna/Mum or Maureen.  And they are – made with love!


It’s Christmas!
The Christmas tree is brightly lit

Under the branches the presents sit.

Decorations are sparkling everywhere,

Cards are written and sent here and there.

The sounds of carols ring out through the day

To remind us that Christmas is a great time to say

That you are wished all those things that you hold dear

At Christmastime and through the coming New Year!


Jingle Bells

Time to talk of jingle bells, Santa Claus, and even snow!

Christmas puddings, pretty trees and candles  all aglow.

It’s a special time full of fun and joys

Especially for all ‘good’ girls and boys!

Mums and Dads hide Christmas toys

Trying hard not to make a noise!
Out come the stockings to be filled in the night

Yes, everything’s done to make it just right.


It’s a special time, just once a year

To remember those who are really dear

The folk who will always be in the heart

Though distance may keep some apart.

And of times in the past – all memories today

Of times we have shared, whether here or away.

All remembered with the Christmastime love

That comes to us all from Heaven above.