A Summer Place

My house is done!

It has been a very exciting time finally being able to show my new Christmas House for 2017.  I took plenty of photos this time to make sure I could show how it all comes together.  I really regret I didn’t do this with the previous houses!

Very early in the planning, as I told you before, I decided it would be a summer house and I have called it ‘A Summer Place.’

This lovely piece of music played by Percy Faith and His Orchestra was one of my Mother’s favourites – if not her most favourite!  I had selected some lovely papers ‘Where the Roses Grow’ by a company called Pion Design.  I have used their paper before – beautiful quality, patterns and colour palettes.

I start thinking about my next house when the last one is finished.  Yes, I am already thinking ahead!  I scoured the internet for inspiration and finally found some when looking at English Summer houses.  These houses are so popular and are usually delightfully set up so that one can sit and enjoy those lovely, long evenings that are part of the English Summer.  Over here in Perth we don’t have daylight saving, much to my disappointment.  The latest daylight we get is 7pm!   That is a far cry from the almost 10 o’clock that is enjoyed in the UK.  It is even later in the very northern-most parts of the country!

So, armed with a rough idea, it is time to talk it through with my Mr Make-It! He is truly amazing.  Over the years I have been heard, so many times, to say “David, can you make me a…..”  And, amazingly, he does!  Would you believe he actually designed a full size stage that is still in use by the Gilbert & Sullivan Society in Western Australia?

And so my house slowly started to develop!  It is almost like being pregnant!  Not quite 9 months but not far off it!

Here is the video my grandson, Lachlan, put together for me.

It is great – having someone to do this for me is another thing to be grateful for!

The tree was found in K Mart! Off came their tacky decorations and on went some diamante gems I had.  The furniture is from the Sylvanian Families toy range.  It was exactly what I wanted; the right size, colour and style.  Did I not say I was lucky? I could not have made them.  And I sourced the little light from a supplier found in a nearby suburb.  They are operated by watch batteries so no need for wiring!  Some parcels under the tree with wrapping paper and scissors on the table completed the scene!

And finally it was done!  It was time to call my friend who had patiently waited to see the finished article.  We had been shopping together when I bought the papers and I promised that she would see it before I released any pictures to anyone else!

So now it sits with my other Christmas Houses on the unit in the family room for all to enjoy.

We breathed a sigh of relief when it was finished.  But, you know, it was a little bit sad when I didn’t have to do anything else for it.  All the frustrations (and there were many!) slip away and there is this wonderful sense of achievement, excitement and pleasure to see one’s  idea has finally become reality.

Now, I wonder, what can we do for next year?  Excuse me whilst I just take a quick (???)  look through the sites on the internet  to see what is out there in the way of unusual houses.

Mmmm, I think need a different roof and out-of-the ordinary shape would be good….

I’ll just go and put the kettle on for a cuppa whilst I sit and browse….