Here comes 2018!

Well, that’s another Christmas gone and it is almost time to say goodbye to another year as 2017 rapidly moves towards 2018!  I hope you had a good Christmas with your family and friends.  We certainly did.

Do you stop to reflect on the year that’s gone past?  I think, pretty much, we all tend to look back as the year comes to a close.  It has been a very mixed year – but, isn’t it always?  There are bound to be high and lows as each month passes by.  That is life. When you get to my age, I might add, the months go by very quickly indeed!  We missed those who aren’t with us – and, sadly one or two joined that number, but, we also got to spend some lovely times with those around us!

The grand- children seem to be growing rapidly right in front of us!  The little ones are not so little anymore and more teenagers join the ranks of adults.  Next year three of our grand-children will be over 20. Half of them will be over 18 and classed as adults!  I guess it won’t seem very much longer until the younger ones catch up!  What a blessing it is to be around to see all of this!

With the changing of the old into new, there is one annual tradition that I don’t usually take part in at all. I am not given to making New Year’s resolutions; simply because I never keep them!!! This year is a bit different – I have vowed to get walking a bit more!  I get plenty of exercise when I am out on events with St John Ambulance.  The equipment bags we have to carry surely count as weightlifting practice!  But when I am at home making cards I can easily spend the whole day without really stretching my legs and, as I have had a little back problem recently, I have resolved to move more!  So, watch out, Toby, (our Maltese/ Poodle cross) we are going walkies!  This will not be easy as I really hate walking.  I guess the only time I don’t mind is when I am sightseeing on holiday.  Then I’ll walk miles if I have to!  But – I will do it – I have promised!

Of course the new year will bring on the making of more cards.  I have two grand-sons having birthdays soon in January and I have already started to make some tentative designs. I generally look up the cards I have made in the past and then starts the real quandary.  What to do for this year?  It is easy with Christmas cards because I can just make whatever I come up with and like.  Then it is a case of sorting out who gets which when it is time to address the cards.  However, birthday cards are different, especially designing for the older members of the family.  Special birthdays and cards for the little children are comparatively easy.  I do try to personalize the designs and poems inside for each one and I’m always pleased when manage to make something that they like.

I’ve put together a little slide show of some of my cards made this year.  Not all have been included as I don’t take photos of every card I make.  It will be interesting to see how my cards turn out next year.  I must admit, looking over these, that I went a little mad with shaker cards this year.  I love them so what can you do…..

We won’t stay up to see the new year in but I might have a toast to it with a wee drop of Turkish Delight liqueur given to me by one of my sons and his wife.  It’s delicious, trust me!  Someone said try it over ice-cream but I haven’t done that yet! Methinks that might be almost sacrilegious!

So, I give you my New Year’s toast! I hope you have a really happy and healthy New Year.  I know we usually add prosperity – and I do.  However, it doesn’t have to mean making lots and lots of money. It can also mean comfort, well-being and security and these I certainly wish you. I hope you have enough for your needs and a little for some wants because we all like a treat or two!  I hope that you have a happy and contented 2018 with abundant good health.

I, also, hope that you will find a moment or two to spend with me as I see how the next year unfolds.  I am eternally grateful for each day I am given and hope to use them wisely.  No doubt, it won’t always be what I want – life never is – but it will be great to just chug along on the journey.

Happy New Year – here’s to 2018!