The best laid schemes….

My Goodness!  I really don’t know where the time goes.  When I started this blog I had all these ideas that I would write a post at least once a week!  Ah, but, as so succinctly expressed by Robert Burns in his poem To a Mouse, “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men Gang aft a-gley! (Go often askew/awry)  Mine certainly do!

Apparently, Robert Burns was ploughing a field and he accidently destroyed a mouse’s nest in which the mouse would live through winter. Burns’ brother said he wrote the poem whilst continuing to plough!  This was in 1785 and still greatly quoted today – but I wonder how many people know from whence comes the quote!  It is quite a sad little poem – if you’d like to read it for yourself, that bastion of all things true (I jest, of course), Wikipedia, has the full poem and story!

I think I told you that I like to write some poetry myself.  Now, I would never put myself in the realms of such poets as Robert Burns, but I do understand the notion that inspiration might suddenly strike at surprising times, places and events! Many times I have thought of a line or two and had to hang on to it before being able to complete it in written form.  I have been known to get out of bed to write up something that has suddenly slipped into my mind whilst dozing off!!  The things we do!

It is really surprising too, what one might want to write about.  Who’d have thought that mistakenly destroying a simple mouse nest could set off a line or two from a quickly written poem hurtling into the future to be so often quoted?  Somehow I don’t quite think my poetry has that amazing effect!

I’m not particularly fond of live mice but I absolutely can’t stand insects!  Any creepy-crawly is dealt with very swiftly in my house.  This is also why I am very particular as to where I go for holidays and totally refuse to go camping.  I’d never sleep!  This inspired the following warning to anything that dared venture into my home!

Ode to all Insects!

 Dear Insect, it is sad, but true,
Please be aware, this applies to you;
That if into my house you should creep

You will find yourself permanently put to sleep!
So be wise and think before you arrive
Might be better to turn away and survive!
There is nothing here that can give you pleasure
No little titbits for you to treasure.
The world is there for you to roam
So heed my warning and stay out of my home!

                                                                                                                      ©   Maureen C 2010

(And if you wish to debate – titbits is English and tidbits American!  And, as I always bow to the traditional English, so  it is  titbits!!!)

One place you would definitely find some insects is in the Park.  But have you stopped to wonder at the people you might meet there?  This snapshot of life inspired a scrap-booking page as well as a poem

      The Park Bench

Come! Let us sit on the bench awhile
And watch the world go by with a smile.
The sun is shining; it’s a beautiful day
And everyone smiles as they go on their way.

The couple by the tree look so much in love
As the sun blesses down on them from above.
A baby gurgles in its mother’s arms
And the world laughs too, at all its charms.

The children run and play with a ball
Win or lose – it doesn’t matter at all –
They enjoy the feel of the wind in their hair
And let the world go by without a care.

Far away a child is flying his kite
And revels as it soars to a great height.
Whilst workers hurry past busy watching the hours
No time to stop and enjoy the flowers.

The old man dreams of days gone by
Then moves away with a gentle sigh
For the dreams he has lost and will never find
Though they still live on in the depths of his mind.

So, sit with me, let your cares dissolve –
On another day your problems solve.
Just rest in the sun as the world goes by
And we’ll enjoy the peace, you and I!

 ©   Maureen C 2010

So I guess that has been my problem…  It is summer and I have been sitting watching the world go by.  Time to get up and join in!  And maybe lay down a new scheme or two!  Will you join me?