Salt Of The Earth

Salt Of The Earth!

My Goodness, I have been very tardy between posts indeed.  So many ideas keep coming up for things to write about but I just don’t seem to have found time to carry them through.

For example, just the other day we were having lunch in a local shopping centre’s food hall and I remarked to my husband that the cleaners were the salt of the earth!  I have said this so many times before.  And it is true.  Just think what a mess the place would be without those patient souls walking around, mopping floors, clearing away dirty dishes and trays and wiping the tables ready for the next lot to mess it up.  Then they start all over again.

Sound familiar? Yep – anyone who has to do house-work can identify with this.  But – that’s a bit different because it is your own ‘mess’ in your own home!

Added to this, so often, is the poor opinion that the general public usually has of people who do such ‘inferior work’ for a living!

We are quick to laud pop stars, movie stars and sports people, aren’t we?  And there are people who manage to hold down high paying positions without seeming to do very much for their income   – politicians come to my mind here!  But in our world there are so many people doing menial tasks for not very much pay who may actually be very important in someone’s life.  Maybe they are the only breadwinner, single parents, struggling to make ends meet or working to give their kids a better chance in life!  And maybe they haven’t had the education to get a so-called better job?

I used to be a house cleaner and once one of my children said I shouldn’t have to do this.  But it had been my choice.  I was honestly employed, doing a job that fitted in with the children’s school hours and, perversely I guess, it gave me some satisfaction to do my job well.    Sometime later I was lucky enough to have a cleaner myself (because, unluckily, I had back problems) for a while.  She was a lovely lady who quickly became part of the family, so to speak.  She even finished up helping my mother-in-law.  I often think about her and wonder where she is now.  A rough diamond, maybe, but she was an honest hard working lady who helped me so much! She was very important to us all!

So, back to the food hall…  I have to say, when I can, I always thank the cleaner and tell them they are doing a great job.  It is nice to be appreciated if you do something well – no matter who or what you are!

Before we had lunch, I had been shopping for my forthcoming trip to the UK.  I am getting very excited – not long to go now, at all.  I can’t say my bags are packed but the presents are in, clothes are sorted, some bookings to visit people and places are set in place and I am ready!  Wonder if I am going for long enough, keeps running through my mind.  But I can deal with that and rebook if I run out of time over there.  Even if I don’t get to go on the Dreamliner coming back!

As well as preparing for my holiday, I have been busy enjoying some great volunteering opportunities.  A couple of trips to the ballet and some great concerts have been some of the events I have attended.  And I have had the opportunity to do some great First Aid Awareness events, too.  This involves taking an ambulance to different places and showing the general public (predominately children) through the vehicle and explaining what the equipment is for and how it is used.  We also demonstrate CPR and simple first aid.  One event I went to recently involved a display at the new Perth Children’s Hospital open day.  Now, this new hospital has been the source of many problems and it has run about three years late in its opening!  But, finally, it was ready and there was an open weekend for people to look around.  Naturally, it was attended by our State Premier, Mark McGowan.
Salt Of The Earth

It is a truly amazing hospital – so bright and colourful – and the children visiting were in raptures over it!  Such an improvement on our old hospital!  Dear old Princess Margaret Hospital – so many kids have been grateful for the treatment they received there.  But it was worn out and needed replacing.

And guess who is going to be very important in that bright shiny new hospital?  Yes, the doctors, specialists and nursing staff and all the other associated professions will be of great importance.  But, who else will be essential to the smooth running of this great new establishment…  the cleaners, of course!

Food for thought?